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Harness the digital revolution to reach your brand goals

We have developed a unique way of working that places the focus on user experience, creativity and continuous development.

Around these pillars, we weave a framework of strategic planning and embrace digital tools to propel your brand to new heights.

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A new era
of marketing

Transform your
digital strategy

To help you optimise your approach to digital strategy, we leverage a simple flywheel framework with a customer-centric approach, which enables you to drive customer progression and value.

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New ABPI guidance for banner adverts

In November 2022, the PMCPA issued new guidance on how banner adverts can be used within the scope of the ABPI Code of Practice.

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Transform your digital strategy

At Brandcast Health, we understand that determining your digital marketing plans can be overwhelming.

To help you optimise your approach to digital strategy, we have created a simple framework with a customer-centric approach, which generates more value per customer – the marketing flywheel.

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Are you ready for the digital revolution in healthcare?

Our industry has seen some remarkable advances in the last decade. Yet, when it comes to digital communications, companies are lagging behind.

While there may be reasons for this status quo, in 2021 there can be no more excuses.

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Video at a time of corona

Video content, its uses and production values, has been increasing in popularity as a communications tool across multiple industries.

However, ordinarily, even the simplest set up for filming an interview would entail the presence of six people in a fairly small, enclosed space.

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Hosting virtual meetings for healthcare professionals

Audiences are seeking new ways to learn, collaborate, and connect. Today, we welcome you to the future of medcomms events.

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Absence makes the heart grow Fonder

As the coronavirus lockdown is (hopefully) approaching its end, we felt it was time to reflect on the last few months and share the experience we have had as a company.

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Tips for working from home, using webcam

The work environment over the last 6 months has changed massively.

With almost every company having to rethink their strategy with employees working from home, how you continue to present yourself and your company in the best way possible is vital.

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The Journey: only 1 in 1.5M sperm survive.

Check out our educational animation on the journey sperm must undertake in order to fertilise a human egg.

Our in-house animation team have elevated the 2D animation format by adding depth and texture, creating a stylish retro mood with gorgeous gradient and glow effects.

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BioPharma Revolution Podcast!

Welcome to the Biopharma Revolution Podcast, brought to you by Brandcast.

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Coronavirus cancelled your marketing event?

Time to get ahead with your healthcare professional digital marketing strategy.

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Building a team to change the face of Digital MedComms

At Brandcast Health, our vision is a world where patients, healthcare professionals and industry work in collaboration to create information and education that can be accessed whenever, wherever.

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The latest news in health tech innovation is at your fingertips

Brandcast Health joined thousands of passionate innovators at Europe’s greatest festival of health tech innovation.

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