How to optimise your promotional HCP videos in 9 steps

Promotional video content is nothing new for pharma, biotech and device companies. But when videos don't achieve their desired goals, it's important to know why.


Here, Dan shares 9 ways to immediately improve engagement and conversions for your marketing videos.

  • Intro (0:00)
  • Set Appropriate Goals (1:06)
  • Get Direction from your Audience (1:48)
  • Produce Content with Cadence (2:32)
  • Structure your Videos Consistently (3:27)
  • Check your Metrics (4:24)
  • Include CTA (4:53)
  • Own Your Content (6:05)
  • Design your Site for Media Consumption (6:41)
  • Make it Fun (7:15)
  • Final Thoughts (8:45)

Video is a powerful way to deliver content as it allows you to present information visually, through a trusted peer-to-peer voice.

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Providing HCPs with valuable insight, education and medical content is an essential way to build strong relationships as well as to attract them to engage with more product-focussed conversation.

Key areas for optimisation include:

  • Setting the right goals
  • Scheduling content
  • Hosting videos appropriately

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