Mastering your CRM system is the key to omnichannel success

Are you striving to become an amazing healthcare marketer or deliver impactful omnichannel campaigns for medical affairs?

The key to achieving your aspirations lies in understanding your CRM system and harnessing its true potential. Without this knowledge, you risk falling behind your competitors as other healthcare brands tap into these essential skills from other industries. 

But fear not! This video will empower you on your omnichannel journey. Gain valuable insights and experience tangible examples that will directly relate to the campaigns you’re already running. See the front-end user experience and the back-end functionalities in action and get ready to transform your approach to HCP marketing and educational campaign planning.

  • Introducing CRM (0:46)
  • Important data fields (1:21)
  • Manual data input (2:43)
  • Lead and data capture through online forms (4:15)
  • Personalising and automating communications via CRM (7:04)

Watch the video now to:

  • Uncover the what, why, and who of CRM systems – essential knowledge for every marketer or medical affairs expert.
  • Learn to design and implement key data fields to craft compelling and targeted campaigns.
  • Discover how to collect data from multiple channels – websites, emails, representatives, and events.
  • Explore real-life examples of exchanging valuable content for customer information – building a more detailed picture of every individual HCP on your database.
  • Understand how your CRM can track user journeys across various touch points, benefiting marketing, medial affairs, account managers and MSLs.
  • Experience a simple, automated workflow case study that enables personalised communication to customers and brand representatives.

Still have questions or need assistance? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of our strategic experts at Brandcast Health. Whether it’s creating an omnichannel journey or integrating CRM into your planning and delivery process, we’re here to help. No commitment required – we’ll even share live demos to show you what’s possible! 

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