Podcast: From Compliance Fears to Code Clarity

February 26, 2024

Many of you will have spent much ‘wasted’ time and energy delivering work simply to address compliance issues and code breaches. When your goal is to deliver impact for healthcare professionals and patients every day, this can be incredibly frustrating. After all, isn’t the code designed to protect our beloved stakeholders?

It’s time for a revolution in compliance and there is no better person to lead that charge than our guest, Rina Newton – co-founder of compliance consultancy, Code Clarity.

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In this episode you will learn;  

  • Why we need to focus on driving change in compliance practices 
  • Strategies and processes through which to resolve compliance challenges 
  • Practical tips on how to overcome common compliance fears, including social media 
  • Lessons from recent, interesting code cases
  • How to work build a positive, solution-focussed relationship between compliance and other functions 

We want to hear from you 

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you’d like to talk to Rina or Dan; if you have feedback on the episode; or you have ideas for future BioPharma Revolution Podcast topics.  

Follow Rina Newton on Linked in and check out her company, Code Clarity, for more on compliance.

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