Podcast: How to Fall Back in Love With Medical Affairs

January 04, 2024

This podcast is for anyone who works in or with medical affairs teams. Commercial teams are also welcome! 

Medical affairs is a critical function within pharma, without which, building meaningful relationships between brands and healthcare professionals (HCPs) would be impossible.  From insights, to scientific narratives; from creating relationships to supporting healthcare professionals, people in medical affairs roles can create impact across the whole customer journey. And that impact is meaningful beyond business. It enables industry to truly collaborate with HCPs,  optimise clinical decision-making and improve patient outcomes.

But despite the promise of meaningful impact, life in medical affairs can also be frustrating…

Rarely can medical teams tie their activities to ‘lead-gen’ and ‘sales’, they don’t often get access to sophisticated tools to help measure and optimise their performance, and they seldom get to work with creative partners to deliver exciting campaign work. Sometimes the role can feel frustrating and under-appreciated. All this can change if you listen to the latest episode of the Biophama revolution, where you’ll spend the next 45 mins hanging out with Laragh De Bhulbh from Wolf Medical. I promise you’ll feel inspired to break down your barriers, work in successful, single-minded, cross-functional teams, take part in creative problem solving and fall back in love with your role as a medical affairs expert.

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This podcast will give you tips and actionable advice on how to:

  • Collaborate more effectively with cross-functional colleagues
  • Collect meaningful insights
  • Develop measurable objectives that will deliver impact
  • To think strategically
  • And to adopt a fail-forward approach

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If you want to talk to Laragh directly, she’d love to hear from you. You can connect with her on Linked In here, or you can reach her via her website at Wolf Medical

Stay tuned for more content on generating impact Medical Affairs, see you on the next one.

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