Supporting DTx Europe: Revolutionising Healthcare

Brandcast Health is thrilled to announce our support for DTx Europe, where digital therapeutics takes centre stage in revolutionising healthcare.


As media partners, Brandcast Health are proud to be part of this exciting gathering of the digital therapeutics community.

Driven by software, DTx refers to evidence-based therapeutic interventions to prevent, manage, or treat various medical disorders and diseases. Patient-facing software applications that offer proven clinical benefits empower individuals to take control of their health which can help reduce disease burdens, improve clinical outcomes, and provide healthcare providers with valuable tools for making informed treatment decisions. It’s a truly remarkable advancement.

DTx represents a paradigm shift in healthcare delivery, opening new frontiers for pharmaceutical companies. It offers an opportunity to develop innovative solutions that go beyond traditional medicines and engage with patients in transformative ways. Embracing DTx means thinking beyond the confines of conventional treatments and leveraging technology to enhance patient outcomes. For professionals in the pharmaceutical industry, DTx presents an extraordinary chance to stay at the forefront of advancements, tap into new markets, and make a tangible impact on patient care.

From the 28th-29th June at BMA House in London, the DTx Europe conference will feature industry-leading speakers representing various sectors, including DTx companies, Pharma, Payers, Providers, Government Bodies, Academia, and Policy Makers.

Accelerate your own digital journey in healthcare

Their presentations and discussions will delve into crucial topics such as Commercialisation, Regulation, Clinical Trials, Patient Insights, Provider Adoption, User Engagement, and Partnerships. To learn more about the sessions, you can review the agenda, and to secure your spot at the event, please visit the registration page.

Brandcast is delighted to produce engaging videos featuring keynote speakers at the conference, discussing the latest and most exciting products in this rapidly evolving field.

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