Georgie’s letter: A story of love and hope for Huntington’s Disease

December 06, 2023

Join us and experience Huntington’s disease through the words of 12-year-old Georgie, who’s mum has Huntington’s disease. Brought to life in a powerful animation.

We made this video to demonstrate the  power of storytelling and creative collaboration

At Brandcast, we craft narratives that resonate, inspire and demand action. Here, we share our extraordinary journey of teamwork that birthed a compelling campaign for Huntington’s Disease. The story we developed and its lead character, Georgie, emerged from a creative exercise during our agency team day. Throughout the day, teams of Brandcasters were given complete creative freedom to produce a single piece of content or a campaign idea designed to drive awareness for Huntington’s Disease. The exercise allowed Brandcasters to collaborate with team members they might not usually interact with, to contribute beyond the boundaries of their regular job role, and to work without the restriction of client opinions and ideals.  The result of one team’s efforts – Georgie’s story – was realised in just four hours.




Hitesh (Principal Medical Writer), Andrianna (Account Director), Mark (Senior Animator) and Daniel (Senior Account Executive) produced the simplest but most emotive piece of content of all the teams that day. A simple letter, which was distributed to other members of the agency to read aloud. Instead of presenting their idea in slides, they engaged the audience, making them part of the performance and evoking such a strong emotive feeling in the group that some of us found ourselves wiping away tears. The effect was so powerful that we decided to share Georgie’s story with the world  – and turn it into a video!

Thanks to Emma (Designer), who joined the original team to help bring the narrative to life through pictures, and to our friendly AI, who acted as Georgie (our narrator)

If the story helped you to recognise the burden of Huntington’s Disease, please share it with your colleagues, friends and loved ones. We hope that we can add real value for someone, for whom this story might be the nudge they need to reach out and seek support. If you’re an advocate for Huntington’s Disease and would like to share the video on your own channel, please let us know and we’ll gladly share it with you.

If you found your way here and you’re looking for information on Huntingon’s Disease, please visit HDA


Imagine what we could achieve for you

If we can bring this story to life in just one day, and produce a narrated, animated video weeks later, with no committed budget, think about the possibilities for your campaign. Let’s collaborate and turn your ideas into powerful narratives that captivate hearts and minds.

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