How to Create Award-Winning Websites for Healthcare Audiences.

December 04, 2023


We’re so happy to announce our recent award win – the Pharmaceutical Marketing Society Digital Award for ‘Evolving Campaigns.’

This prestigious recognition is a testament to our expertise in developing and evolving content marketing campaigns via websites, and delivering remarkable results. In this article, we’ll unveil our winning strategy, providing you with insights to make your digital campaigns and websites generate impact for your brand, and who knows, perhaps help you to win awards too!


What Sets an Award-Winning Healthcare Website Apart?

  • Overcoming Significant Clinical Practice Challenges: We tackled complex healthcare professional and business issues through content marketing via our website.
  • Clear and Methodical Objectives: We set precise, measurable objectives that guided our efforts.
  • Impactful KPIs: Our KPIs were tied directly to our objectives, ensuring meaningful measurement and analysis of progress.
  • Tailored Content: We reached diverse healthcare professional segments at scale through our user-experience design.
  • Data-Driven Iteration: Regular data analysis informed our actions and decisions.

Ready to discuss our award-winning campaign and website strategy? Get in touch with our expert team or read on for practical tips and inspiration…

Follow a Strategic Website Development Process

Our approach to healthcare marketing and medical education websites follows a proven process, ensuring your strategy is grounded in genuine insights and your website aligns with clear goals:

  • Discovery: Understand your audience, their ideal journey, goals, and pain-points. Use your experience to gain insight into what path your most successful customers took to reach your commercial goals.
  • Strategy: Craft a successful website strategy that provides value for your audience and drives commercial campaign objectives.
  • Creation: Focus on quality – an attractive design, compelling copywriting, and quality user experience (UX) development.
  • Optimisation: Prepare to make continuous improvements based on performance.

Following all steps of this process will empower you to create a site designed for ongoing value exchange with your healthcare professional (HCP) users. In healthcare, authentic engagement with end users is crucial, and it’s a cornerstone of our award-winning approach. If you want to include your audience more deeply in your design process, check out our HCP UX testing guidance article.

Set Clear Commercial Goals

It’s essential to set measurable goals for your website. For instance:

  • Generate: new subscribers from X% of website visitors.
  • Create: Y warm leads for sales teams per month.

These tangible goals allow you to measure impact based on driving value for your business. The above measures are just examples but should likely be implemented in almost every website project plan for pharma, biotech and device companies.


Design a Robust Strategy for Achieving Your Commercial Goals

If you want your users to take action and serve your commercial goals, you must create experiences and content that helps your audience find ways to solve their problems. Focus on these key areas if you want to build a successful strategy:

  • Find the Right Content Niche: Identify your key audience groups and deliver valuable information based on the insights you have gathered about them.
  • Develop User Journeys: Plan how your audiences arrive, navigate, and return to content, using journey workflows within and outside the website.
  • Develop a Detailed Sitemap and Content Plan: Organise content based on audience goals and expectations, and provide clear signposts to priority areas
  • Map Content Across Your ‘Customer Journey’: Ensure your website serves users at all stages of their journey with your brand, and don’t assume that customers will follow a linear path

It’s crucial to get your strategy right before diving into content development and website building. If you need assistance with your website strategy, don’t hesitate to challenge us with your brief.

Website CRM Integration: The Key to Omnichannel Success

Websites are marketing tools, not brochures. Design data fields, forms, and calls-to-action linked to your customer relationship management (CRM) system to capture data and generate leads efficiently. Follow the link to our video on integrating CRM into healthcare website campaigns for a practical, industry-specific example.

Driving Traffic to Your Site

Your website’s success depends on generating qualified traffic. Don’t undo all your hard work by publishing all your content to channels that you don’t own! Our advice is to focus on hosting the majority of content on your website where you own visitor data, using other channels to direct users to this place of value. Watch the video below for a more detailed exploration of the rationale behind content marketing for healthcare brands.

Ongoing Optimisation

Launching your website is just the beginning. Embrace a data-driven approach to continuously improve engagement and conversions. Analyse your data and engage your audience so that you can find out why you might be missing or exceeding your goals, learn from this analysis and implement change to maximise impact.

We hope these tips and recommendations will give you the inspiration you need to deliver exceptional websites for your brand and educational campaigns.

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