Podcast: Let’s Start a Medical Affairs Revolution

Warning. Medical Affairs ‘purists’ will be triggered by this podcast.

Like it or not, there is a revolution at hand for medical affairs teams. There will be those who embrace the change and ride the wave to a meaningful, collaborative, cross-functional role in pharma, and those who get left behind in the weeds of 'vanity' metrics and disjointed tactics.

Whether you’re a new or veteran listener to my BioPharma Revolution podcast then you know we’re traveling in the fast lane with the pirates over here. So buckle up because this episode is a treasure chest full of medical affairs plunder.

Our guest is Carlos Eid, Cardiovascular Executive Medical Director at Novartis and  a self-confessed pirate of pharma. I saw him speak at a conference and knew right away that I had to have him on the show… and I’m so happy he accepted.


What to expect from Carlos;

  • Reflections on the past, present and future of medical affairs
  • Challenging our perspective on what makes a brilliant industry medic
  • Understanding how functions can work collaboratively around patient outcomes
  • Learning how AI and technology can optimise real-time analytics and insights
  • Answers to questions over the future value of field medical
  • Lessons on measuring impact beyond vanity metrics and tactical success
  • Practical and valuable medical education journey-planning tips

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